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KST X10-710 V8 Servo - 7.5Kg.cm 0.09s 23.0g 10mm

The KST X10-710 V8 servo is a high and medium voltage version of the KST DS145 sized servo. It has normal mounting lugs making ideal for mounting in a fuselage. With only lighly less torque than the larger MKS HV6130H it is excellent value for money. The KST X10-710 V8 has a hardened steel drive train and a coreless motor capable of running all the way from 4.8V to 8.4V (4S NiMH to 2S LiPo) making these servos ideal for electric powered models (most ESCs output 5.5V) as well as most gliders.

Product details

Supplied accessories include two strong red nylon output arms, and three normal strength white nylon output arms.

KST X10-710 V8 Features
Slim 10 mm body
Excellent 7.5 Kg.cm torque
Compact and light weight design
Good torque and speed
Wide 4S NiMH to 2S LiPo voltage range
Excellent heat dissipation
7075 Alloy casing
Hardened Steel gears
Designed for lightweight high performance RC Gliders

KST X10-710 V8 Specifications
Body dimensions 30.0 mm wide x 10.0 mm thick x 29.5 mm high 1.18" wide x 0.39" thick x 1.16" high
Max dimensions 42.0 mm wide x 10.0 mm thick x 33.0 mm high 1.65" wide x 0.39" thick x 1.30" high
Stall torque (4.8V) 4.5 Kg.cm 62 oz.in
Stall torque (6V) 5.5 Kg.cm 76 oz.in
Stall torque (8.4V) 7.5 Kg.cm 104 oz.in
Weight 23 g 0.81 oz
Lead length 15 cm 5.9 in
Operating speed (4.8V) 0.16 sec/60°
Operating speed (6V) 0.13 sec/60°
Operating speed (8.4V) 0.09 sec/60°
Operating voltage 4.8V to 8.4V
Operating temperature -20 - +65 °C
Bearings 2 ball races
Gear material Hardened steel
Case material 7075 aluminium
Motor type Coreless DC
Working frequency 333 Hz
Dead band/resolution 2 µs
Pulse width for ± 60º 900-2100 µs
Digital Yes
Programmable No
Position feedback Potentiometer
Supplied accessories 2 strong plastic output arms, 2 arm retaining screws, 3 mounting screws
Optional accessories KST 25T-5 Metal Servo Output Arm, KST 25T-5 Heavy Duty Servo Output Arms, Gear Set for KST X10