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DS113MG V6.0 Digital Metal Gear Micro Servo 3.5kg 0.09sec for Small Size Electric RC Plane and Glider Operating Voltage£º4.5V-6.0V Size£º23.9*11.7*27.7mm Torque£º 2.2Kg¡¤cm @6.0V 1.8Kg¡¤cm @4.8V Speed£º 0.11sec/60¡ã@6.0V 0.14sec/60¡ã@4.8V Weight£º12g Specification: 113mg¡Á1 Servo Horn¡Á3 .

Product details

The new DS113MG V6.0 digital servo power with powerful torque and amazing speed in compact and lightweight design, make it excellent for small-size electric RC plane and glider fuselage. DS113MG V6.0 servo can boast a brilliant 3.5kgf.cm torque and and super fast 0.09sec/60° speed at 8.4V with great precision and reliability.

Weighing only 12g makes DS113MG V6.0 a great servo for small-size electric RC plane and glider fuselage use. The DS113MG V6.0 servo is designed for use with a 2S LiFe or 2S LiPo battery and it can run directly from a 2S LiPo without needing a regulator. Additionally, the newly added program feature can improve your flight experience to the next level. The DS113MG V6.0 is the high voltage replacement of the original DS113MG servo.