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Hyperion Adjustable Temperature Heated LiPo Protective Bag Large (29x23CM)

Hyperion Adjustable Heat Temperature LiPo Battery Bag is ideal for use in winters, LiPo can lose up to 40% of their capacity when used in cold weather. This of course will drastically shorten flight times and performance too. Now save your LiPo batteries from the winter cold with this superbly built LiPo warmer. A must have for the RC enthusiast who wants to keep flying/driving in cold weather/climate and also for competition pilots/drivers looking to squeeze every ounce of capacity from their battery for optimum performance, even in warm ambient temperatures. No programming required just plug in an old LiPo and select from the 3 modes Low/Medium/High as per temperature requirement (max 50degree) from 25C ~ 50C (77F~113F). The sealable bag is lined with a heat reflective material, helps keeps your LiPo snug and ready to use.

Product details


PVC coated fiber glass fabric with heating element
Selectable 3 modes Low/Medium/High
Works on 12V DC directly, 3S LiPo with XT60 connector
Large size allows big size LiPo
Included with the package:

Hyperion Adjustable Heat Temperature LiPo Protective Bag Large (29x23CM) x 1

Material: PVC coated fiberglass fabric
Dimension: 29x23cm
Max. Temperature: 50degree
Input voltage: 12v (3s Lipo)
Idle Current: <30mAh
Working Current: 2A
Modes: Low/Medium/High
Connector: XT-60
Weight: 138g
Note: It is recommended to use Low voltage buzzer on the balance plugs while connecting to the Lipo bag for long times to avoid over discharging.