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Hyperion G7 Si-Graphene HV Lipo offer more capacity per weight compared to standard LiPo packs. The G7 2800mAh HV is about the same size and weight as a standard-voltage 2500mAh pack of same C-rate, but delivers about 10% more flight time!

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Hyperion, the leader in quality Lithium batteries for almost two decades, has just released a Lithium battery like no other; the Hyperion G7 HvLi Silicon-Graphene Pack performs at a whole new level. After more than two years of research the technology of the future is here.

Silicon combined with Graphene makes for a superior electrode compared to standard LiPo batteries. Hyperion proprietary Si-Graphene chemistry ensures that your G7 pack will have higher-capacity, lower internal resistance, and higher cycle life than the other-brand LiPo currently on the market.

The G7 combines quality Graphene substrate with a Silicon metalloid to produce a Lithium battery that is uncompromised in performance and reliability. Hyperion’s proprietary Si-Graphene additive has been shown to be less prone to puffing than standard Silicon-only LiPo packs.

This new 2017 Hyperion chemistry unleashes a new-era of potential for all RC applications, such as Quad Racing, 3D Aerobatics, and even DIY/Industrial applications.

Proprietary Si-Graphene formula increases discharge, capacity, and cycle-life
10%+ More Capacity than standard LiPo Batteries
Stable High-voltage formula, less prone to puffing
Low internal resistance, cooler running batteries
High discharge rate, ability to provide current under-load
Fast charging up to 5C~6C rate
Compatible with both 4.2V and 4.35V chargers
Capable of 500+ Cycle-life

Capacity @4.2V: 2700mah
Capacity @4.35V: 2800mah
Voltage:6S, 22.8v nominal
Discharge Rate: 75Cmax (75C burst, 30~40C continuous)
Charge Rate: 6C maximum, 5C recommended
Weight: 409g
Dimensions: 111x36.5x56.5mm
Power Connector: XT60U
Balance Connector: JST-XH

*ISO 9001 Quality Control to provide the excellent cycle life and consistency from pack to pack for which Hyperion is well known.

**Continuous C-Rate for 100% rated capacity delivery is 1/2 C-Max rate.