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GliderCG Plus

GliderCG Plus Based on the original development of Olav Kalhovd, GliderCG Plus is a CoG digital balance device for bigger scale sailplanes up to 15kg GliderCG Plus is an evolution of the design of GliderCG that uses the same concept to be able to be used in large sailplanes and airplanes of up to 15kg.

Product details


Stronger and more robust arms.

New font that facilitates the reading of the data on the screen.

low battery alert at the start of the device.

Sliding lid access to the battery compartment.

Greater stability

Max. weight: 15kg

Max. fuselage width: 160mm

Max. fuselage height (from bottom fuselage to wing bottom): 146mm

Leading edge to rear support pad distance: 176mm

Power: 9V DC (6LR61)