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Vladimir Models Sprite E

Sprite - is a new generation of 2-meter gliders from Vladimir's Model. This model is made for experienced pilots, who can fully appreciate its unique aerodynamic characteristics calculated by Dr. Drela. Our original design delivers incredible strength with minimal weight. Sprite is very easy to accelerate, it has an excellent penetration ability and does not lose speed in a turn. Sprite is available in two versions of the wing construction: Sprite HOT (wing has one kink in the middle); Sprite Thermal (wing has three inflection on the front view); For each wing offers a choice of three types of external cladding materials: Glass; Carbon;

Product details

Sprite HOT

Sprite HOT - model has a V-shaped wing, consisting of two consoles. Angle V is 4 degrees (2 degrees on the side). The model is designed for fast flight in dynamic flux, or for those who like to drive electric version of the model. For a quick flight recommended carbon (heavier) version, and for flights to the highlands is the ballast weight to 750 grams, which increases the wing loading of 20.5 grams per dm².

Sprite Thermal

Sprite Thermal - has a multi-sectional wing, significantly improves the quality of soaring glider. Right and left wing have an additional 5 degree bend. Thanks to the triple V-wing corner Sprite Thermal is extremely stable and forgiving on the long-range management. At the same time, the model is extremely sensitive to the flow and mixing of perfect circles with the rudder.

Different sets of ballast available for the model (for different weather conditions from 156gr to 750gr).