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Kappa 20

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Model KAPPA is competitive glider for F5J / outruner category. The model is powered by electricity, what is provided by 3-phase motor with a rotating cover. This model is designed for competition thermal flying but is also suitable for leisure time and relaxing. The newly developed profile provides excellent flight characteristics.

Product details

Technical description of the model:

The wing is made of glass fabric and rohacell, by sandwich technology. The main beam and all reinforcements are made of carbon fiber. Rudder and elevator are made of glass fabric and full rohacell core. Their reinforcement is carbon fibers. The fuselage cosists of two parts - the front gondola and carbon tube. Front gondola is manufactured from glass fabric with the help of compressed air. This achieves minimum weight and maximum strength of all components. The wing has 2 servoshafts for flaperon and 2 servoshafts for flaps. In the fuselage is a space for positioning of two servos to control rudder and elevator.

The supplied model contains:
right and left half of the wing with carbon clutch,
elevator with elevator holder,
the front part of the fuselage - gondola,
carbon tube.