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Nan Models Xplorer II 3800 ST Lite X Tail

Introducing The New Xplorer II 3800 F3J ST Lite. Building on the success of the original Xplorer F3J, the New Xplorer II 3800 F3J Lite version features a brand new airfoil and lighter Spread Tow lay-up. This new Lite layup offers improved torsional strength, improved overall stiffness, and a significant reduction in weight!! The Spread Tow Lite Lay-up is the choice of the top contest pilots around the world due to it's amazing strength to weight ratio.

Product details

3.8m version of the F3J WC winning Xplorer
The wing is manufactured from Spread Tow Carbon and is lighter and stiffer than the normal full carbon version. The fuselage is 2.4GHz friendly.

If you want the best F3J model, look no further
Wing Span: 3800mm
Fuselage Length:1630
Wing Area:81.5 dm²
Airfoil: NAN-F3J
Tail Area: 8.8dm²
Flying Weight: From 1950g