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Nan Models Xplorer II 4000 ST Lite

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Detailed product information: Fuselage is made of carbon/kevlar epoxy and has fully moulded CFK D-box composite 3 piece composite wing. Linkage comes already installed in the fuselage. Model is suitable for experienced modelers and competitors. The kit is supplied with: - Carbon/kevlar fuselage 2.4 GHz friendly version - Fully molded composite wing panels - Fully molded composite tail RC functions: - Floating type elevator - Rudder - Ailerons - Flaps

Product details

Xplorer 2 4000 ST Lite

The Xplorer 2 4000 ST Lite continues evolution of the original Xplorer with a new wing profile for increased performance and penetration in wind. Improved construction techniques and new materials has produced a model lighter and stronger than before. Flying weight from 2050g

The fuselage is constructed from carbon/kevlar composites and is 2.4 friendly. It has an adjustable tow hook, servo tray and ballast facility built in. Pushrods are installed and require clevises to be fitted. The new wing is made using Spread Tow (ST) carbon making the model lighter and stronger than before.

A light weight wiring harness with Futaba or JR connectors and full ballast systems of three different weight combinations are available at additional cost from the accessories section of our store.

The Xplorer 2 4000 ST Lite kit includes
•Carbon Kevlar Fuselage (2.4 friendly)
•Fully Moulded Composite Wing using Spread Tow Carbon
•Fully Moulded Composite Tail
•Full Accessory Pack (Horns, Clevises, Stainless Steel Pushrods, wiring D-Plug)
•Wing Span: 4010 mm
•Wing Profile: NAN F3J
•Wing Area: 86.7 dm²
•Tail Area: 8.8 dm²
•Fuselage Length: 1750 mm
•Flying Weight: From 1980g