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Thrust 50 Motor with RotorKool technology

Thrust 50 Motor with RotorKool technology The Thrust® 50 incorporates a new curved Rotokool® impeller design which is extremely complex to produce. We have gone the extra mile to incorporate this feature for the larger Thrust® motors (Thrust® 40, and 50) in order to further increase the cooling efficiency so as to handle larger props and smaller capacity lipo packs. The Thrust® 50 combined with the Quantum 70 ESC is extremely efficient and capable to produce tremendous thrust and high speed while drawing very low amps out of your packs! This means smaller battery capacities (lower cost and lightweight) can be used with excellent flight duration.

Product details

This makes the power setup one of the most economical and practical approaches for driving larger models and one of the best motors for .40-.60 size electric aircraft conversions!

Motor specs
Outside Diameter 41.7mm/1.64”
Length 58.2mm/2.29”
Weight (gr/oz) 279gr / 9.84oz
Motor Shaft Dia. 5.0mm
Mounting Bolts Dia. M3
Max efficiency Current A * 50A
Peak current A (45 sec)* 70A
Battery pack range ** 4-6 LiPo / 12-18 NiCd
Poles 14
KV (rpm/V) 487kv
Recommended ESC PA Quantum 70
Peak Watts 1500W

Prop selection with 2xPA2200mah 20C-40C V2 Packs (6s)

Vox 15x7
Vox 15x8
Vox 16x6

NOTE: APC 15x7 and 15x8 are NOT recommended for any of the PA planes as they generate a lot of vibrations being out of balance and will draw much higher amps compared to the Vox props at the same sizes being less efficient. The APC props might suite much heavier models that requires the extra thrust. Make sure your motorbox can handle them before using them as they can easily lead to motorbox failures due to the tremendous thrust.
We recommend getting a few different size propellers with your Thrust® 50 motor. Swapping a propeller is an easy task so you may want to experiment and feel the difference to fit different style of flying. Also in a hot summer day you may want to use a smaller propeller while in a cooler day you can run the motor with a larger propeller.