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PA Quantum 18A ESC

PA Quantum 18A ESC The PA Quantum is a performance enhanced Brushless Electronic Speed Controller specifically designed to seamlessly match our Thrust motors. The ESC comes pre-programmed for the Thrust motors so it's only a matter of plug-and-play. The Quantum ESC is only geared for one thing: to allow you to execute the most challenging maneuvers with ABSOLUTE confidence in your drive system. With ease of use in mind, the PA Quantum includes ONLY features that you NEED for performance, minimizing the hassle of lengthy and confusing programming steps. This means less time spent on the ground going through lengthy and frustrating programming features that you do not use.

Product details

High output BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit)
? Fully programmable Microprocessor Controlled
? User friendly human interface for easy, hassle free and quick programming
? Exceptionally low resistance for excellent efficiency and cool operation
? High Rate switching with High RPM Brushless motor support
? Rugged surface mounted industry grade components for added reliability and crash durability
? Lipo, NimH, NiCad battery pack under-voltage protection to safeguard premature deterioration and pack damage.

The PA Quantum 30 & 40 BEC has 4 power regulator chips (Quantum 18 has 3). The 4 power regulator chips support the high torque micro servos in the most demanding load-conditions imposed during aggressive 3D and freestyle aerobatics, providing bulletproof reliability. This form of flying is where servos actuating oversized control surfaces may momentarily stall under extreme aerodynamic loads that would cause most low and medium power BECs to overheat and shutdown resulting in catastrophic loss of control.

The PA Quantum ESC’s high power BEC has been specifically designed for extreme aerobatics and therefore has the capability to support the higher momentary peak demand loads to eliminate the possibility of unwanted shutdowns. This high power BEC is also capable of supporting continuous simultaneous multiple servo operations typically found in CCPM equipped hardcore 3D E-helicopters. This is especially important when using a 2.4GHz receiver.

The PCB board of the Quantum ESCs is considerably larger, to accommodate the 4 BEC chips as well as a larger heat sink for better cooling. Although it is larger in size, the PA Quantum ESC is still lightweight in comparison to smaller ESCs available on the market.
Quantum 18
Continuous curent 18A
Burst curent (<10s) 22A
Bec Output Linear (Peak loads 10sec)
5V / 3A (max)
3A @ 7.4v
2A @ 11.1V
Bec Output Linear
(Continuous Loads)
3A @ 7.4v
(4 micro servos)
1.5A @ 11.1v
(4 micro servos)
Li-on/Lipo 2-3 cells
NiMh/NiCd 5-10 cells