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Powerline micro 1015F5J Turbo

The Powerline Micro 1015/F5J is even more light than the Powerline Micro 1025/F5J! It fits perfect for lightweight F5J gliders.

Product details

The powertrain consists of a powerful Lehner 1015 ultra high efficient brushless motor fitted to a 6.75:1 high reduction ratio planetary gearbox. The gearbox is both efficient and tough, so will withstand F5J competition arrivals.
Technical Data

Weight: 79 g (without wires)
Lenght: 60 mm
Motor diameter: 22 mm
Shaft diameter: 5 mm
Input power: 380 W
Recommended battery: 3s
Recommended prop: RF 16×8 CFK / RF 16×8,5 CFK / GM 16×8 CFK