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Precision Aerobatics Extra 260

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Precision Aerobatics Extra 260 ARF While the Extra is larger than the PA Katana MD and features fully air-foiled tail section it is actually LIGHTER than the Katana MD! This means the new 260 is now the lightest model in its size category, yet it is one of the robust models available on the market today. Designed with a technical challenge of having both precision and extreme agility in mind, the PA Extra 260 will perform the most demanding aerobatics maneuver with the finesse of precision to boot, providing unparallel predictability that will take your aerobatic performance to another level. yellow/#sthash.hPjzHEng.dpuf

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PA Extra 260 is the ultimate high performance aerobatics machine that delivers. FibreFusion® construction technology. Unrestricted freestyle and 3D agility. Lighter and stronger than other planes in the same size category. 99% factory assembled and can be ready to fly in one evening. -
Specifications Wingspan: 1219mm /48in Length: 1094mm /43in Flight Weight: approx 955gr/33.7oz Wing Area: 490 Wing Loading: approx 9.9oz/sq.ft - See more at:

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