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VOX 16x6 Electric wooden propeller

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Vox propellers have been designed and manufactured with one objective in mind - to maximize performance at the prop end, with the highest possible efficiency.

Product details

A variety of CNC machines and specialized boring and electronic lathes are used to accurately machine each of the Vox propellers. Four layers of coating applied to the wood to protect the propeller and to achieve a beautiful gloss finish. Once painted it is precision balanced again to assure a perfect propeller. During manufacturing and upon completion, we perform random checks for accuracy of tracking, diameter, pitch, balance, blade form and finish. If a single propeller is being rejected the entire batch is then tested individually to assure our high quality standards are kept.

With over 30 years in manufacturing of Ultralight aircraft and UAV propellers we are confident that our R/C model propellers will satisfy your requirements.

At present we offer two lines of propellers, one designed for electric powered models, and one for gas powered models.

Electric line
Vox electric propellers are made of Ultra light, high quality German Beechwood allowing higher acceleration rate and thrust, combined with precision, which is a “MUST” for high performance airframes, and is an added bonus for the less demanding EP R/C aircraft.