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Blade 350 QX Quadcopter, BNF

An exciting GoPro-ready Quadcopter, the Blade 350 QX, with SAFE technology, is the most advanced Blade quadcopter and aerial video platform available. Please note that all Blade 350QX Quadcopters sold by Daves Toys will be supplied with the new B series propellors already fitted. Features SAFE technology provides three flight modes with the flick of a switch Smart mode with GPS/altitude lock, stick relativity and the innovative SAFE circle Stability mode with flight envelope protection and GPS hold Agility mode for aerobatics and aggressive flying Return home - automatically lands at the home position GoPro compatible anti-vibration camera mount included Intelligent motor control automatically stops the propellers upon impact with an object Bind-N-Fly out of the box with a 3S 2200mAh LiPo battery and charger

Product details

Main Rotor Diameter22.8 in (580mm)
Gross Weight20.5 oz (580 g)
Length18.3 in (465mm)
Motor SizeBrushless, 1100Kv
Rotor Blade Length8.27 in (210mm)
Minimum Age Recommendation14 years
Experience LevelIntermediate
Recommended EnvironmentIndoor/OutdoorIs
Assembly RequiredNo
Brand Blade Helis

One of the best RC quadcopters available for GoPro cameras, the Blade 350 QX BNF is the ideal choice for aerial photography. The quadcopter comes with a built-in anti-vibration GoPro camera mount. This allows you to attach your GoPro Hero, Hero 2 or Hero 3 camera (sold separately) and take to the skies. This GoPro-ready quadcopter comes with Blade’s SAFE technology; giving you three different flight modes. In Smart Mode, you will be able to easily fly the 350 QX even if you do not have much RC experience. This mode comes with "Stick Relativity", allowing you to fly the quadcopter through stick input, irrespective of the orientation. For example, a forward input will always push the 350 QX away from you, even if the quadcopter is pointed towards you. This mode also features GPS and altimeter technology, which allows the quadcopter to consistently hover when the sticks are released. If you are a photographer looking for an intuitive and easy-to-control way to operate this model quadcopter, or you are a new pilot in general, Smart Mode is for you.

The next option is Stability Mode. With this enabled, you can enhance your flight experience with the Blade 350 QX. This mode gives you self-levelling ability, in addition to bank and pitch limiting. This will prevent the Blade quadcopter from shifting to an unfavourable attitude. Stability Mode features a GPS position hold to keep the 350 QX at a consistent GPS coordinate when you release the directional inputs