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Hyperion Atlas DS11-SCB Servo - 11mm / 10 g CarbonPoly gear, plain bearing @ 4.8V: 0.15 sec / 1.7kg @ 6.0V: 0.13 sec / 2.0kg

Product details

Hyperion Atlas DS11-SCB Servo - 11mm / 10 g

•Digital Servo
•Fully programmable
Perfect centering, top ball bearings, and choices of tough CarbonPoly or Metal Gear Trains.

HP-DS11GCB is a super-fast servo for smaller helicopters, to cure those tail-wagging blues forever. HP-DS11SCB is the "all-round" servo for model airplanes and heli collective.

Metal-geared HP-DS11AMB is the one for Rudder/Tailwheel, Glider ailerons, Small Retracts and other high-stress applications.