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Vladimir models Plus X

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Over the entire F5J season, the PLUS has shown what's in it. Even a few victories and many good placements prove the excellent design of the PLUS. At the same time, the polarizing and uncompromising design has split the world of pilots. Either you like the PLUS or you do not like it. So many pilots had the desire to build our PLUS wing on a "normal" hull.

Product details

In May 2018, we did it and built a PLUS with a cross-fuselage hull. We wanted to test how the model feels and whether the aerodynamic disadvantages of the normal hull have a noticeable effect. Directly on the first test flights it became apparent that the superior quality of the PLUS design could even be achieved by the easier handling with a cross-tail fuselage. Quickly from a test model, a small test fleet and we flew with our experimental model (aka "Minus") the first competitions. Even there we were able to place very successfully right from the start. The attention to our "Erlkönig" was great from the beginning and so it was clear that this was a step in the right direction.

Of course, this feedback has always been part of the development of the PLUS X. But that's not all: In the course of optimizing the PLUS X, Joe Wurts has just enlarged the new center section, so that the PLUS X comes to just under 4m wingspan. A closer look at the new, central flap also reveals that the hinge line has moved significantly farther towards the center of the wing. In addition, the new hull is equipped with some very innovative ideas. Vladimir Gavrilko's fuselage design focuses on two important points: firstly, it should be easy to transport, and second, he must be able to cope with the current development of high-performance 4-6S engines in F5J Sport. How exactly the fuselage Vladimir has designed the fuselage, we then like to show at the fair in Friedrichshafen.

So look forward to these and a few more innovative solutions on the new PLUS X!