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Ava Pro

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All New Ava Pro Technical data: Wing span 3175 mm Wing area Length 1700mm Ready to flight weight ( of the test models): Glider version Controlling elements Ruder, elevator, spoiler Controlling elements Ruder, elevator, Flap Center of gravity () is 100-108mm from the leading edge.

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Span 3175mm (125")
Length 1700mm (67")
Weight 1195g (42,1 oz)
Wing area 67,9 sq dm (1052sq in)
Wing Airfoil AG24/AG25/AG26
Stabilizer airfoil HT14/HT15
Fin airfoil HT13/HT12
Control elements: Elevator, Rudder, two spoilers

AVA PRO is new family of three function glider.
The AVA PRO is a world-class thermal soaring machine designed to be flown for fun at your local field or at the highest levels of F3J glider competitions. The AVA is a very stable and maneuverable plane, suited to the beginner and the advanced pilot.

Thanks to its low weight and the AG airfoil profiles developed by Dr. Drela of MIT, the AVA PRO is able to float in the smallest of thermals, while having the capability of flying in stronger winds with ballast in the optional Kevlar ballast tube.

AVA PRO launches track straight and true. The AVA PRO takes strong launches thanks to the carbon D-box wing structure. Additionally, an adjustable tow-hook will let you find the optimal launch position.
The less experienced pilot will find the model a wonderful teacher, while the expert will find this competition winning design will fulfil his every demand.