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VM PROspinner

VM PROspinner

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VM PROspinner
VM Pro Spinner was developed in conjunction with PRO Prop to achieve minimal drag when blades are folded.

VM PRO Spinner 30 mm fit to Plus X, Shinto

VM PRO Spinner 32 mm fit to Maxa, Supra Pro El

- Especially for PRO Prop.

- For minimum weight, the aluminum hub is fixed to the motor shaft with two grub screws.

- Uniquely lightweight VM spinner design: the blade pins are securely fixed by the high-strength PA spinner cone.

- The hub is almost completely hidden under the cone.

- The notch in the cone is completely closed by the PRO Prop blade in the folded position. There are the slots for installing the rubber ring.

- The set includes fully built spinner and a 2 mm wrench.

- VM Pro spinner is equipped with a black cone, but you can order a colored cone painted on top.