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Airstrike Winch kit NO 1

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Kit 1 Cast alluminium motor housing Cast alluminium end housing Alluminium drum casting Latch spring and retainer clip Set of drawings

Product details

Kit 1

This is the most basic kit.

You must provide the following components: Bosch GF motor, solenoid, battery cables and connectors, bearings, sprag, sprag ring, latch materials, frame, foot switch and connectors, turnaround pulley, mono filament line, parachute and battery.

You must do the following work: Machine the motor end housing, machine the sprag end housing, machine the drum, machine the latch components, machine the motor shaft and fit a sleeve to it then finish machine the sleeve, machine the sprag ring, make the frame, make up the battery cables, assemble the components, make a turnaround pulley and test the winch with FAI tester if you intend to use it at National or International level.

You must have access to the following equipment: Lathe, milling machine, drill press, cable crimping tool or soldering equipment, assembly press.

Optional: Knurling tool, FAI winch testing equipment.