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Carboweave CW 20 245+45- 500mm x 600mm

ARBOWEAVE® advantages More homogeneous than its analogues;

Carboweave CW 40 245+45- 500mm x 600mm

CARBOWEAVE® advantages More homogeneous than its analogues; There are no numerous bends in rectilinear fiber; Unlike many other materials made of carbon fiber, Carboweave® in the dry form does not stretch and crumble providing a precise cutting of even the smallest parts; Carboweave® will enable you to make the multi-layer material with any fiber direction and thickness of the monolayer from 0.012 mm (9.5 g/m2).

Carboweave CW 60 345+45-0 500mmx 600mm

Ultra-fine, ultralight and high strength carbon material Carboweave® opens new horizons for wide variety of ideas! Extensive use of this fiber for forming robust and very light constructions has switched modern radio controlled models to a new level too. From now on your products will have the necessary strength having smaller weight!
(3 items) 1 page