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Hacker models LUNAK ARF YELLOW foil covered

Semi-scale known glider in several attractive colors with full-color full printing all main parts. The glider is part of a series of models SKG (simple known gliders) from Hacker Model Produciton. Strong, lightweight and durable construction of expanded polypropylene (EPP) contributes to the excellent flight characteristics and is also a guarantee of great resistance model for minor accidents. The model can fly on a slope or be fitted with a switchable tow hook switchable for aerotowing and lifts it with Master Stick. Items needed to complete: 4 channel RC set, 4-5 microservos 9g No. HC4301 (one servo for switchable tow hook No. HC5117A), receiver battery, basic tools and thin CA with activator.

Hacker models Vagabond 1500 ARF foil covered

Are you ready to overcome the limits of slope flying? If yes, VAGABOND is ready to take you to the next level. Great wings across the wingspan and floating elevator allow unlimited flying maneuvers model. The increased surface of the fuselage gives the Vagabond ability to fly at sufficient speed even knife flight. For even more aerobatic performance wings and tail surfaces are coated with smooth foil. All this together makes Vagabond extremely powerful aerobatic slope glider with which you can fly on otherwise inaccessible hard slopes. Vagabond extremely powerful aerobatic slope glider with whih you can fly on otherwise inaccessible hard slopes. Items Needed To Complete: 4 channel RC kit, 4 Micro Servos 9g No.HC4301, Accu Pack 5cells NiMh or Li-Pol 800-1300mAh 2S. CAglue and activator spray. Technical data: wingspan 1520 mm, length 975 mm, flying weight from 400g
(2 items) 1 page