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DT-30V 30Amp Power supply V3

Super Pro 1000" Five Output World Edition Power Supply with USB charging Port (30V/33A/1000W)

DT-PS01A 1000mA Multi-Voltage

Features: 1000mA Multi-Voltage Power Adapter. High Efficiency, Short Circuit protection, Over Current & Voltage Protection. Energy Performance Mark III Power Input: 100- 240V, a.c. 50-60Hz. Power Output: 3.0/4.5/5.0/6.0/9.0/12V DC. Built-in Class B EMI Filter. Current Rating: 1000mA Max. Suitable for DVD/CD/Cassette Player, Electronic Toys, Digital Frames, IT Equipments, TV Games... And comes with a variety of plugs

DT-Super Pro 40

This is the DT-HW Super Pro 40" Regulated DC Power Supply with USB Charging Port and a total of five power supply outputs! This power supply features four individual 16 Amp outputs, each individually switched, as well as a single 40 Amp banana plug/binding post output, allowing you to easily operate multiple devices from one power supply! This eliminates the added expense and hassle of a separate distribution box

DT-20-30 Power Supply

Low-cost Low weight Small dimensions Variable output voltage 5 - 20 V DC Variable current limiting 0 - 30 A LC display with blue backlighting to display both the voltage and current Particularly well suited for supplying chargers and DC mini-drills USB charging socket 5V DC 0,5A for mobile phones, FlyCam, etc. This PS works great on the home and commercial tracks and also great for running in motors

DT-15-15 Variable Power Supply

0-15A, 5-15V Variable Power Supply Specification Input voltage: 220 - 240V AC 50 Hz Output voltage: 5 - 15 V DC (Adjustable) Output current: 0 - 15 A (Adjustable) Dimensions: 134 x 123 x 75 mm Weight approx.: 680 g

DT-13.8 20 Power Supply

20A, 13.8V Power Supply Specifications: Input Voltage: 220-240V AC Output Voltage: 13.8V (Regulated) Wattage: 270W Output Current: 0-20A (Auto Adjustable) Output connection: 4mm Banana / Clamp Max. continuous output current 20 A Dimensions approx. 190 x 165 x 80 mm Weight approx. 1200 g

DT-13.8 10 Power Supply

10A, 13.8V Power Supply Features: • Internal Cooling System • Regulated Output Voltage • Short circuit and Current Protection • Applicable for almost all 12V input battery • LED Power On Indicator Specification Input voltage: 220-240V AC 50Hz Output voltage: 13.8V DC (Regulated) Output current: 0 - 10A (Auto Adjusted) Max. continuous output current 10A Dimensions (L x W x H) approx. 146 x 84 x 64mm Weight approx. 385 g

DT-HW1122 Power Supply Super fast Charger wBal

Power Supply & Super fast Charger w/Bal (HW1122) " This new item is like 2 devices (a 12-26V/15A/390W Power Supply & a 450W AC Li-Po/Li-Fe/Li-ion Super Fast Charger) combined in one device. You can use this new item as a 12-26V/15A/390W Power Supply or a 450W AC Li-Po/Li-Fe/Li-Ion Super Fast Charger " One of the great things about this new item is that to buy a 12-26V/15A/ 390W Power Supply will already cost some money which means now you are only paying a little bit more to get a 450W AC Li-Po/Li-Fe/Li-ion Super Fast Charger " The concept "Less is More" has been used to develop this new item, instead of having a lot of complicated functions (which makes the user very confused) and unnecessary functions (which the user will never use), this item is very easy both beginner & serious Hobbyist to operate
(8 items) 1 page