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Aluminum Hi-Watt GEARBOX 300

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Aluminum Hi-Watt GEARBOX 300
All-Aluminum superlight gearbox for E3D and parkflyer use. The Hyperion X-22 S Series motors are a perfect match, or you may fit any other brand 20mm motor, such as Hacker B20 or HiMaxx 20 series. The hard aluminum 4mm main shaft runs through two high-quality 4mm bearings for high precision, low noise, and low power losses. The shaft necks down to 3mm at the output, to allow fitting of HP-SAVER-30 propsaver mount, or HP-ADAP-30 Short or long collet adapters. The wide, glass-filled spur gear is very durable, and rated for up to 300W in large E3D models. Five pinion gears(2.0mm hole) included , for gear ratios from 3.78 to 6.8:1. You may also use lower-tooth-count GWS EPS-400 spur gear to obtain ratios under 3.78:1.