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RC Multi 2 plus card reader

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The RC Multi 2 was designed to provide a lightweight, compact device for measuring and recording flight data over time. It was designed specifically for use on board a radio controlled (R/C) aircraft, but would be useful in other applications. The RC Multi 2 is able to record data from various sensors for later review on PC. It can also transmit flight data via RC TRX30 module to ground as ?live? telemetry system. For communication with PC it uses USB port. It uses state of art pressure sensor and 3MByte nonvolatile flash memory for data storage

Product details

Its key features are:

- Lightweight at only 6 grams with JR cable
- Small: 28 mm x 14 mm x 6 mm
- Integrated F5J FAI altitude/time switch
- Records various flight data for later review
- PC USB interface for configuration, loading firmware updates and downloading recorded data
- Wide range of input power: 4 - 10 volts DC. Power it from your aircraft receiver battery

With RC GPS module it will:

- Record all GPS data required, so you could later see your flight in 3D with Google Earth
- Speed graph will be shown on PC software

The RC Electronics Programming card was designed specifically for use with the RC Altimeter #2 series. It is a system with which the user can set the Altitude and Motor Run Time parameters of the RC Altimeter #2 series on the flying field
Also read F5J Height when landed