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Vladimir models Spin EL

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Spin EL is the smallest Hi-Tech electric glider in the World. Is it the Soaring glider, Slope or Hotliner? I like to get this answer from you.

Product details

Be ready to catch all small thermals, cover long distance or reach extreme speed due unique airfoils from Joe Wurts.

Spin EL is 99% ready to fly from the kit. The wing is full ready with ready aileron hinges and installed servo frame for D47 (or similar) servos. Ready aileron rods and horn is included to the kit. Even slots for all horns are ready. Fuselage is full assembled, tail rods are installed, horizontal and vertical stabilizers are full ready. You will spend nice hour for screw the servos, glue fin by Super Glue and glue 4 horns to the ready slots by Super Glue too.
Technical data of Spin El
Spin El
Aerodynamic characteristics

Wing span 39 in 1.0m

Wing area 46,8 in² 11.9 dm²

Length 27.63 in 702 mm

Wing air foils Proprietary airfloil family by Joe Wurtz

Horizontal stabilizer airfoils

Vertical Stabilizer airfoils Proprietary airfloil family by Joe Wurtz

Wing aspect ratio 8.55%

?enter of gravity 64 mm (2.51") from the leading edge

Control surfaces Rudder, elevator, left and right ailerons, motor

Weight characteristics Fuselage 0.74 oz 21 gr

Wing 1.94 oz 55 gr

Stabilizer 0.1 oz 3.5 gr

Fin 0.07 oz 2 gr

Accessories 0.14 oz 4 gr

NT model weight 2.8 oz 80.5 gr

Flight weight 5.11 oz 145 gr

Wing loading 12.1 gr/dm² 12.1 gr/dm²